The Future is Bright

Thanks to the support of our community, Friends of Oakdale Lake have engaged the Hudson Valley Initiative (HVI) at Columbia University’s Graduate School of Architecture Planning and Preservation to perform research and conceptual design in order to improve ecological conditions and recreational opportunities at Oakdale Lake for all Hudson residents, and in particular youth participating in Hudson Youth Department summer programming.

In keeping with the HVI’s mission, which is to facilitate applied research into the complex spatial, ecological, and economic opportunities of the Hudson Valley, HVI has brought students and faculty to Oakdale Lake to lead community workshops, develop design recommendations, and provide documentation that can be used to consult stakeholders, build strong community-oriented consensus, raise consciousness, and eventually apply for appropriate grants and partnerships for redesign, buildout, and renovation.

On November 12, HVI invited the community to provide feedback on their 8 Ideas for Oakdale Lake. A video of the presentation and public comment is available here.

View the full PDF of ideas here.

8 Ideas for oakdale lake